Important tips for your test preparation and about the TOEFL certificates

Just 7 minutes away from the Munich Central Station you can find our TOEFL test centers with the code numbers STN 13854 A, B and C.
In total there are 59 seats available.
Our test center in Munich is situated in the rooms of the "Journalistenakademie" in the Arnulfstraße 111 and 113, 80634 Munich.

Directions to the test center:
Take the exit "Nord" in the central station or follow the signs in direction of "Arnulfstraße"
You can see the tramstation exactly in front of the exit "Nord".
Cross both rails and get on the lines 16 or 17 in direction of "Romanplatz" and get off at the station "Burghausener Straße".
This takes about 6 - 7 minutes. The station is directly in front of the test center.
The trams leave frequently. If you don't have a cityticket included in your train ticket, you can buy a ticket in the tram which costs 2,50 euros (1 inner city zone).
If you arrive by S-Bahn, get off at "Donnersberger Brücke".
If you arrive by car, it is best to turn into the side street Renatastraße.
While our testing times you should be able to find parking lots nearby the local school.

Here are directions in German from the Akademie itself.

Something to eat and drink:
Of course, there are many shops in the central station as well as there is a bakery to the left from the test center which also is opened on Sundays.

Take the right entrance:
Most of you won't know whether they have chosen the center A, B or C.
As not all of the rooms are connected to each other you should take the right entrance at once.
Here is a plan of all rooms.

When you arrive, please go immediatly into the waiting room. Do not disturb the the test administrator by asking questions. He has to put up the workstations and does not have time to talk to you.
Before the test starts you will get an explanation which answers the most frequent questions and
where you have the opportunity to ask detailed questions by yourself.

As not all of the rooms are used each time, it only hangs a noticeable green piece of paper on the entrance doors where a test is taking place.
If both buildings are used and if possible, it will hang a list of names on the specific entrance door.
At the latest in the waiting room you will find a list of names. If you don't find yourself on it, please change building.
Fill out a "confidentiality statement" for your test center (which is STN 13854 A, B or C).
Please leave the pens, so that other test takers also can use them.

Stay in the waiting room until we call you.
Sometimes the test administrators is looking for a few volunteers to help preparing the workstations and calibrating the mikrophones.
This is a good opportunity to understand the functioning in the speaking part and it fights the boredom.

There is a nice video by ETS which explains the course at the test day.
Anyway, it is not as formal as in the video and, besides, there are no security cameras.
You can find more preparation material (especially the links to the flash-films in the first sequence)

You can only take your wallet, keys and something to eat and to drink into the testing room.
Jackets, backpacks, bags, laptops, cell phones etc. have to stay in the waiting room or in the cloakroom. If you do not like to let your cell phone there, give it to the test center administrator. => Persons with a cell phone or simular device in the test room will, by ETS guidelines, excluded from the test because of an attempt to defraud!!!
On testing days on Saturdays or Sundays there is normaly, except for us, noone else in the house.
Anyway, we want to inform you that the test administrators cannot take care of your belongings and
that they will refuse you to take them with you in the testing room.
We have been taking this test since 2006 and up to now it has never been stolen anything.

We try to let the test takers start at the same time.
As the working speed of everybody is different, you will take your ten minutes break and finish the test at a different time.
We leave the doors open to get more air in the testing room. So please do not talk in the corridor or in the waiting room.
It will disturb the others.
When you have finished the test with the statistical questions give back the papers and the pencil to the test administrator and just leave.

The TOEFL iBT has very strict security standards, which we are obliged to enforce.
In order to minimise complications on the test day, we would like to remind you of the most important regulations:

- You will have to present a valid passport with a photo, where we can recognise you
(we can accept ADDITIONALLY other kind of photo ID-cards like driving license, student card or your university credential, etc. IF the photo on your primary ID is older). The final decision is with the test administrator.

- You are not allowed to bring any electronic equipment. Mobile phones have to be switched off.

- Scratch paper and pencil will be provided by us

- There is no space for personal belongings (like rucksacks…). If they are a stumbling-block, the test administrator will tell you to store it in the waiting room or corridor. Items are left there at the owner´s own risk.

If you like to use your mandatory break of 10 minutes for a cigarette, please go outside the building.

Around the official starting date (e.g. 11:00) there is a time frame of 30 minutes. So you can start between 10:30 and 11:30 o’clock. If you are delayed (in this case 11:31) we don’t have the possibility to log you in. You then have to contact ETS to arrange a new testing date.

We would like to ask you to arrive 60 minutes before the official starting time. If everybody is there on time, the check-in will be finished 30 minutes before the official beginning and we can get an early start. If you come late you may hear the noise of other people taking the "speaking part" while you are still in the "listening part". We also start cleaning the test room in the presence of latecomers.

Please DON`T call us for any questions about the test. We are only responsible for offering you a secure, controlled and clean testing environment. For any questions about the test itself you should call the help desk in Amsterdam 0031-320-239 540 or send an email via the TOEFL-website. Changes and cancellations under 0800-18 39 708.


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