TOEFL Testcenter STN 10187 B in der Felix-Dahn-Str. 9d, Stuttgart-Degerloch

Important tips for preparation and special services for TOEFL certificates

We have 3 TOEFL testing centers in Stuttgart. Make sure that you found the correct directions. You will find the address in the confirmation email from ETS. You can see the ID and address of the center when you log on to and then at "Upcoming Tests".

In Stuttgart-Degerloch our TOEFL testing center with the code STN10187B is located in Felix-Dahn-Str. 9d. This is our own office space.
A special regulation from ETS made this possible.
We are able to offer you a de luxe testing center. There are 5 rooms with 2 work stations and 1 room with 4 work stations. Depending on the work station, you can resize the tables and there are flexible chairs.

As long as it is warm outside, candidates will wait on our terrace before the test. There is plenty of room and fresh air so no need to wear masks.

After the check-in and right before the test starts, there will be a short explanation of the test administrator with enough time for questions.
There is a helpful video of ETS which explains the procedures on the day of the test. We are not as strict as in the video and there are no surveillance cameras.

How to get to the testing center:
Stuttgart-Degerloch is very well connected.
Here are the directions
Do not park in parking spaces where you need a ticket. The traffic surveillance in Degerloch is very active and eagerly distributes parking tickets.
Usually you will find a green sign at the entrance.
Please do not ring the bell! You will find a door opener to the right. It might be inactive on Saturdays after 2pm.

Safety rules at the TOEFL Test

The TOEFL iBT test has very strict safety rules to which we adhere. You can find the most important ones below so that you will have everything ready for testing day:
- An official ID with photo, on which you can be identified, must be presented
- Any kind of electronic devices except for pacemakers are not permitted
- Paper and pens will be distributed
- Backpacks and bags can be stored at the entrance. For jackets we offer a wardrobe
- Mobile phones are switched off
- Anyone caught with a mobile device will be excluded from the test immediately

Smoking is not allowed on the whole floor and you may not leave our premises during the test.

Around the official start time (e.g. 10am) there is a time frame of 30 minutes. You can start between 9:30 and 10:30 in this example.
Should you be late (10:31 in this example) it is up to the administrator to accept you for the test. Officially, the time for registration has expired.
We would like you to arrive 30 minutes before start time.

Please do not contact us regarding questions for the test. We are only responsible for providing a clean, quiet and safe environment.
Any othe issues should be forwarded to or via phone 0031-320-239-540 to Amsterdam. You can re-schedule or cancel the test online in your ETS profile.

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