Important tips for your test preparation and about the TOEFL certificates

In Stuttgart-Möhringen is our TOEFL-testcenter with the code STN10187B and it is situated in the Widmaier Straße 110. We have rented the computer rooms of SCSI on the first floor. When you arrive, the front door will be opened (keep it this way). Please go to the first floor. If you enter the rooms od SCSI please go to the lounge on the right hand side.

The drinks or cookies in the lounge are for clients of SCSI. If you would like to drink or eat something you will find a shopping possibility with a bio market and a bakery on the groundfloor.

floor plan SCSI

Please stay in the lounge (Warteraum) until we call you.
In the time between application and unlocking you for the test, the test administrator will give an explanation and there is room for questions.
There is a nice video from ETS which explains the procedure on the testing day. We are not so formal as shown in the video and we do not have observation cameras.

Please put especially on Fridays your coat, jacket, rucksack etc. in the wardrobe. The waiting room should look tidy, because there maybe also clients from SCSI.

The TOEFL-testcenter is easy to reach and located between the U3 tram stops “Plieninger Straße” and “Salzäcker” (SI Centrum).


If you come from the direction of main station Stuttgart:
Take the line U5, U6 or U12 to get to the station Möhringen Bahnhof.

Then please change trains and take line U3 in the direction Plieningen Garbe. Take off at “Plieninger Straße”.

Go straight forwards to the traffic lights over the mainstreet. Then turn left into the Widmaierstraße which goes parallel to the mainstreet. Please go down the street. You then see already the tower of the building.

If you come from Herrenberg or Böblingen with the S-Bahn S1, please go to Vaihingen Bahnhof and change for tram U3. Rest see above.

If you come from Tübingen / Reutlingen / Nürtingen, you can take the bus 74 from Nürtingen. You can go either to “Plieningen Garbe” directly or you have to change the bus in Bernhausen to number 75 or 76. In Plieningen you walk 200 meters to the terminal stop of U3. Then you have to go two stations to “Salzäcker”. Cross the rails and walk along the approximately 50 m long street. On the end of the street turn right in Widmaier Straße. You can see quite early the tower of the building.

You can find timetables for public transport here:

If you come by car please use this plan with directions. The barrier which you can see in the picture above is normally opened. If it should be closed then please go ahead on the Plieninger Straße till you have the next possibility to turn left. Turn again next street left – it’s Widmaier Straße. Please do NOT use the parking slots directly in front of the building. Please drive 5 meters straight forward and use the Tangegartstraße for parking (next street right). The next possibility on the right side is the official parking space of the company.


The TOEFL iBT has very strict security standards, which we are obliged to enforce.
In order to minimise complications on the test day, we would like to remind you of the most important regulations:

- You will have to present a valid passport with a photo, where we can recognise you (we can accept ADDITIONALLY other kind of photo ID-cards like driving license, student card or your university credential, etc. IF the photo on your primary ID is older). The final decision is with the test administrator.

- You are not allowed to bring any electronic equipment. Mobile phones have to be switched off.

- Scratch paper and pencil will be provided by us

- All personal belongings (coats, rucksacks…) are to be stored at the wardrobe or on saturdays or sundays in the waiting room. Items are left there at the owner´s own risk.

If you like to use your mandatory break of 10 minutes for a cigarette, please go outside the building. It is in your own responsibility to take care the front door keeps open. On Saturdays and Sundays the doors close automatically if there is no wedge between.
Your pause is the most busiest time for us and we don´t hear the bell ringing.

Around the official starting date (e.g. 10:00) there is a time frame of 30 minutes. So you can start between 09:30 and 10:30 o’clock. If you are delayed (in this case 10:31) we normally don’t have the possibility to log you in. You then have to contact ETS to arrange a new testing date.

We would like to ask you to arrive 45 minutes before the official starting time. If everybody is there on time, the check-in will be finished 30 minutes before official begin and we can get an early start. If you come late you may hear the noise of other people taking the "speaking part" while yourself still are in the "listening part". We also start cleaning the test room in the presence of latecomers.

Please DON`T call us for any questions about the test. We are only responsible for offering you a secure, controlled and clean testing environment. For any questions about the test itself you should call the help desk in Amsterdam 0031-320-239 540 or send an email via the TOEFL-website. Changes and cancellations under 0800-18 39 708.

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