English for Mechatronics

This specially developed course will be offered exclusively by Sprachenmarkt.de

English for Mechatronics is a special course for everyone working in the field of mechatronics. Especially people who sell machinery or services, assemble machinery parts abroad or work in an international developement team.

It took us a while to find an adequate school with a skilled trainer who can lead such a course.
A regular English teacher would not fit the task. They usually do not know the specifics of such a peculiar topic and just learning the basic mechatronics vocabulary is not the goal of the course.
A doctoral student from the mechatronics chair would not be the right choice either; the students want to learn the terminology in a hands-on context and not just endure a lecture.

Hence, we found the following solution:

The two-week course includes 12.5 real hours General English and 12.5 real hours of English for Mechatronics per week.

In the mornings, students attend English classes according to their English level. There is a maximum of 12 students in a group. This part is supposed to strengthen General English skills and helps to fill in any missing gaps.
The school we chose to work with is Language Specialists International in Portsmouth (LSI). We have been working together with this school fo a long time. In 2017, LSI got a 14 out of 14 possible points rating from the British Council, who inspects the school on a regular basis.

In the afternoon, groups only consist of maximally 8 participants. This part will teach the specific vocabulary used in a mechatronical environment. Since this field of study is very wide-spread, there will be a poll at the beginning of the course amongst the participants suggesting several topics. Whichever topics are most popular, will be worked on during the course. The more groups there are, the more choices.

At the moment, the following options are available:
- The Evolution of Mechatronics
- Mechatronics Essentials (Circuits and Components)
- The Physical System
- Sensors
- Actuators
- Signal conditioning circuits
- Computers and logic systems
- Software applications

Our partner for the afternoon parts is Babcock International. Babcock is specialised in support-service management of complex property holdings and the infrastructure for safety- and business-critical environments. Their main business are public institutions, especially the Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom as well as Network Rail. The company is hence very experienced regarding highly technical settings.
The trainer of Babcock will be supported by the director of studies of LSI so that the lessons will run smoothly on a didactic and methodic level.

Dates and Prices 2019

This group course will be offered from 29th of July until August 9th 2019. Arrival will be July 28th and departure either 10th or 11th of August 2019.

We chose this time frame because most of the German federal states will be on summer holidays. Trainees and students should have plenty of time.
As long as the new Brexit regulations will not upset our plans, trainees and students can intern at a company after the course (the internship does not have to take place in the UK). We can place the participants in an internship accordingly.
Trainees can be supported via our Erasmus+ programme - this will include the language course and a two week internship minimum.

Of course the lessons can also be attended by regular employees.
The minimum English level for participation should be B1 according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

A two-week course costs 1.799,- €.
Included are:
- 25 hours of General English in the appropriate English level
- 25 hours of Mechatronical English
- Accommodation in a host family in a single room with halfboard (28.07. - 10.08.2019)

- Accommodation in a residence in a single room with en-suite bathroom, self-catering => supplement 30,- €
- Departure on Sunday, 11th of August instead of 10th of August => supplement 35,- €

Companies, Universities - other dates - other topics

There is also the possibility for a company or university to book a group for a certain date and specific topic for the afternoon section.
For someone working in management, the General English part of the morning can be replaced by Executive English for example.
Please contact us for the price and further information

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