Why should I book through Sprachenmarkt ?

Sprachenmarkt has one the largest databanks worldwide with detailed information about quality language schools. As your agent we will organize your stay without any additional costs.
Different than with language study travel organisers, we offer a variety of schools in larger cities and at least one school in smaller cities.
We list the original catalogs from the schools and not just small abstracts.
We refer to our schools by their names and do not hide behind statements such as "Our school in the city center..."
The schools are listed at their original prices and those who books through us do not have to deal twice with cumbersome expensive international money transfers or the local administration. For these reasons it is actually less expensive to book through us than to do it yourself!
In addition we provide consultations on request and are always available as a contact person or as an intermediary in the rare case that a problem arises.
We do not work like the travel agency around the corner, which simply grabs a brochure from a language study travel organizer. We know the special features of the schools and have already fulfilled unusual requests.
If we really do not have a school in our databank, we will find you one. In 80% of the cases we were able to find one.

What is the difference between Sprachenmarkt and LearnBiz.com GmbH?

- Sprachenmarkt is the quality center for language schools through LearnBiz.com GmbH.
- The name is considerably easier to remember.
- Sprachenmarkt is the part of the company that is also accessible to private customers.

What does Sprachenmarkt offer?

Sprachenmarkt arranges provider independent courses and products all around the subject of learning a language. Sprachenmarkt itself does not organize any courses.

How expensive is a language course that is booked through Sprachenmarkt?

The prices for language courses and learning products match the original prices from the provider. Sprachenmarkt only refers these. The selection and booking are free of charge for language students. Sprachenmarkt receives a commission from the schools.

How does Sprachenmarkt select its schools?

With over 700 schools in the databank it is understandable that we have not visited all of them. We have however already personally visited 350 of them.
We have therefore developed our own criteria as to whether we accept a school. Along with the feeling that develops overtime, other factors are incorporated such as affiliation with government and independent organizations and associations.
We also receive ongoing feedback from customers for schools that are often booked through us.

Should you be the first person that we send to a certain school we will be sure to tell you this.
So far we have almost always had good experiences with our selections.

Can past customers of Sprachenmarkt be asked questions?

Ca. 20 % of our customers allow us to pass their email addresses on to interested parties. Just ask us if there are independent reviews for your desired school.

How do I book a language course through Sprachenmarkt?

You can browse our extensive data bank and make your decision based on the provided information. Then click on "Book course" or go to the area "Forms" (at the top in the menu bar) and select the appropriate form.

You can also call us at (0711/50 43 37 37) or contact us via Kontakt and explain what you are looking for. From what you describe we will usually make 2-4 suggestions. With this information you can then focus closer on certain language schools in the databank.
We prefer that you call so that we can respond quicker and ask additional questions if necessary.

Forms received by fax or e-mail are immediately forwarded to the language school. The majority of the time we receive the ok from the language school within 6-72 hours. Afterwards we will then send you an invoice in €. Language courses must be paid four weeks prior to the start date. If you book earlier, a deposit of 10 %, a 100,-€ minimum will be due.

After payment of the full amount, we will send you information about your host family or apartment in your chosen city.

How does Sprachenmarkt give advice?How well does Sprachenmarkt know the schools?

We often get inquiries like "I would like to learn English". Please do not be surprised when we then ask you a lot of questions. Because the market for normal customers is not transparent, we sometimes have to "dig deep" to discover the exact wishes of the customer.
For example, do you know the difference between a business and an executive course? Unterschied zwischen einem Business- und einem Executive-Kurs They sound similar, but are actually quite different.

Do not forget that you are going on a trip. There are also tourism wishes to take into account.

Our consulting competency is best used if you have special requests such as special courses for jurists, medical personnel, hotel sector or engineering professions.
If we do not have something right away, we at least know where to look.

I would like to travel with my children. Do you have something for us?

Please look at our special site for family language courses. Spezialseite für Familiensprachkurse

I did not find a certain school in the data bank. Is this school not good?

That can be, but does not have to be the case. Let's take Barcelona for example. In this city there are at least 30 language schools. We maintain 5 of them actively in our data bank. More is not possible and also at a certain point not sensible. You also do not want to have 20 different types of apple juice to choice from at the supermarket.
All of these schools we would recommend without hesitation. There are however reasons why schools have different prices. During our consultation we will discuss the differences and then it is up to you to decide on a price range.

Another reason can be that the school does not want to work with agencies. Or that we really have not come across the school. Just ask us. We are experienced in analyzing new schools.

It is also not a problem to the book the desired school through us. If we have concerns we will tell you our reasons.

I did not find a certain language. Are there no language schools for it?

The data bank maintenance is very expensive and time consuming. Languages that are rarely requested are therefore not maintained.
We also have an internal data bank which we have access to and contains the basis information.

Just ask us. We can usually find out fast if there is something for you.

I would like to do an internship or work abroad after my language course. Is that possible?

We have a wide rang of offers and tips. Through the "Refined search options" you can select under "further service required" the item economic or social internship.
The topic is complex and there are many details that have to be taken into consideration. You should in any case call us after a preselection and together we will find a fitting plan.

Does Sprachenmarkt issue travel assurance certificates?

In accordance to § 651 k BGB, trip organizers have to issue travel assurance certificates. We would like to explicitly point out that a language course is not an all-inclusive trip. Neither Sprachenmarkt.de nor the language schools whom you book the course through are trip organizers in the sense of the law. We do not offer vacation packages (all-inclusive trips), but offer individual modules that show up separately on the invoice.

We only accept schools with a certain history so that the bankruptcy risk of the organizers can be eliminated to 99,95 %.
With many of the schools we have even negotiated that you only have to pay a deposit in Germany and rest when you are there.
That way you can see where you end up before taking out your wallet.
And many of our partners where you can book a vacation package of course offer travel assurance certificates.

If you have access to Creditreform (similar to SCHUFA, but for companies) you can read our excellent credit score.

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